my very first

oooh hoo! my very first thingie {cant find that exact word for this kinda thingscoz im bad at words like that.} and look! a very lengthy word post without pictures.

7 Known Things About You
1. i love taking pictures.
2. i am very CINA. Sometimes.
3. I am somewhat naïve and blur and very easily conned.
4. I laugh a lot.
5. Im cute?
    {I only used this coz that what 92% of what people wrote on my Friendster testimonial board.}
6. I like being with people.
7. i don’t spell very good. Nor count.

7 Lesser Known Things About You
1. I can fall asleep anywhere. Anytime.
2. I liek the font georgia only on pt8
3. I don’t really enjoy listening to the music that my bf band plays
    {not that its not nice i just prefer other types of music} but I’d go to his gigs anyways to watch him. 
    Though I haven’t been to any before {such a bad gf!} Don’t count the one long time ago coz we weren’t together yet. =P
4. I worry a lot about poor/disabled/blind/deaf people.
5. I love malaysia and I hate it when people plan to leave this country for a “better life”.
6. I need people to take care of me.
7. i like reading Revelations.

7 Wishes
1. Canon 1D Mark II + all the nice lenses to go with it.
2. that I could go swimming now. & play captain ball this Sunday.
3. That my room would have more natural light.
4. For my grandparent’s salvation. 
5. That I would miraculously have a 20/20 vision by tomorrow morning.
6. That I would be able more transparent.
7. That I wasn’t so afraid.

7 Things You Like About Yourself
1. my hair
2. my calfs. Though I used to get lotsa teasing about them in school, I still feel proud of them. 
     I know I know, imma girl. Should have slender legs. Ballet tendus and releves paved the way for them. 
    {AND AND AND prashanth and nick chin actually wanted to trade in their calfs for mine k.}
3. That I am quite manja in the family
4. My toenails.
5. That I love dancing.
6. My ability to laugh at things.
7. That I can amuse myself with silly conversations in my head.

7 Things You Dont Like About Yourself
1. my nose. mehs.
2. I am too sensitive.
3. That I cannot speak chinese.
4. my height
5. My lack of commitment to a certain thing.
6. My time management!
7. My inability to stop biting my fingernails.

7 Things On Your Mind Right Now
1. Applying to Uni’s in UK. Jon just gave me a Studying in UK 101 briefing.
2. I should be sleeping coz I have tons to do tomorrow.
3.  Why did God make guys and girls the way He made us?
4. Quite the stressful lar.
5. That mamak guy in a random mamak shop we went to few weeks ago called Red Chair who was in charge of 
     cooking the char kuay teow, satay, taufu bakar and get tissues, forks & spoons and server all at once. I wonder 
     where he came from. And how did he get there and how is his life right now and how much they pay him? 
     and whether or not someone will come along one day and share with him about Jesus.
6. i should learn to write more
7. I wish I was nicer to people in school.

7 Things You Hope To Accomplish Soon
1. Signing up for dance classes.
2. All the things I wrote down in that “things to do list” notepad file sitting on my desktop.
3. Learn to cook that wine chicken dish
4. sew my own tutu skirt & spray paint my t shirt.
5. To get a job soon!
6. Build my own website.
7. Buy a minolta film camera.