dream of the beautiful

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/34623562]

instead of pictures to show my wardrobe accumulation (ahem) over the winter break, I thought a little nice video would do. The sun streaming in the window mid afternoon was perfect. This winter, I have gravitated towards all things sparkly, decked in sequins and lace. My favourite silver jumper hangs to the left. And the other two, though I must admit, are not very winter wise are actually presents for people back home. :D Sue Ann, the blue sheer top is yours! hahha sending it over soon. In real life, my red suede heels are actually sitting very sadly in a corner having not been worn anywhere else except round my room, by me, and my girlfriends who drop by the house. With all that walking around in Hatfield, and no chance of a car, one can only dream of wearing such pretty things out. hahha

On a side note, this week's weather consists of lotsa sunshine but with the most ferocious wind you've ever come across. nearly got blown away walking home yesterday. eek. still no sign of snow. im beginning to think it won't ever snow. okays, now that ive done this, its back to the real work.

brings on the blues

A little something to kick away the post holiday blues.

Things that brightened up my day : {2} Preppy collars worn with sweaters { } Finishing a good book in bed {3} The thought of traveling to Venice in summer {5} Gauzy curtains around the bed {6} Braids and romantic curls { } Outfits in lace, fur & sequins { } An "i love you sayangs" on my msn box { } Hot spicy kimchi soup on a cold rainy day.

"Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you." - Marsha Norman