whiter than the snow


So snow. In March. I thought nothing good could come out of it. What with everyone complaining about the cold, how it should be sunny and warm and how its effecting our plans. This morning, before service in empowerment meeting, as Eldos shared about Palm Sunday, us remembering Easter and what it signifies, it just reminded me of the song. It’s your blood that cleanses me It’s your blood that gives me life It’s your blood, that took my sin, In redeeming sacrifice That washes me, whiter than the snow, My Jesus, God’s precious sacrifice.

Seeing that blizzard outside, and the ground covered in Pure white snow. That’s us, being enveloped in our Father’s love.

brings on the blues

A little something to kick away the post holiday blues.

Things that brightened up my day : {2} Preppy collars worn with sweaters { } Finishing a good book in bed {3} The thought of traveling to Venice in summer {5} Gauzy curtains around the bed {6} Braids and romantic curls { } Outfits in lace, fur & sequins { } An "i love you sayangs" on my msn box { } Hot spicy kimchi soup on a cold rainy day.

"Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you." - Marsha Norman