favourite wedding photographers

{ clockwise from top left }
* Jonathan Ong Photography * Boutwell Studio * Jenny Sun Photography * Jose Villa 
* Max Wanger * This Image is Found * Axioo Photography * Kiss the Groom
* Our Labour of Love

a list of my favourite wedding photographers. can't tell you how much time i spend
trolling them sites. two favourites subjects together. photography and weddings. it
would be a dream to have or photographer (or both i guess) even half of what these
weddings are. amah-zing. i think, even though im halfway through my IDS degree, deep
down, i have this hankering for wedding photography and wedding planning. all those
lovely things in one job. the expressions. the deco. invitations. lighting. colours.
textures. videography. the ideas. the clothes. the food. perhaps one day. in the mean
time, does anyone have any weddings to shoot? :D

when i grow up, i wanna be her

Im sitting here looking at her work and I'm reminded of Ibu Evie's house in Jakarta
which evokes the same glamourous yet understated atmosphere. and just like Ibu Evie,
Kelly Wearstler has the eye. you know, "the eye". the one that throw together three
different patterns within a triadic colour scheme, add an accent here and there, 
combined with textures you never thought could coexist together and turn out so 
stunningly beautiful.

I cannot get enough of this colour schemes. gawd. the more time i spend trawling around
the internet, the more geniuses i find, the more pathetic i feel. hahaha. someday someday,
I will be like her. 

Ps: if you are like me and could waste a whole day looking at beautiful things than you
can check out This is Glamourous. She has a library that will drive you nuts and you'll
wonder how in the world do such gorgeous things actually exist.