cawan teh.


Taken two weeks back on our trip to genting. Slow shutter speed, spinning tea
cups, flash & giddy faces all over. They were the best shots on the trip me thinks.
We didnt have mr sun shining on us that day, which i though we would have
hence the shorts & satin top wearing {totally backfired}. i braved cold wind on
my legs, but not the solero shot. Im too chicken. haha. 
still. malaysia should upgrade their themeparks more. 
jess 1

Jessica looking at jessica looking at jessica looking at jessica. tee hee.

bryan & vera

thats bryan & vera in the beginning. then bryan getting all wooozy some minutes later.

jess 2

me 1

gary was right when he told me four years ago. i DO look like a hamster. le sigh.

starting to write in white again. im mad but im not. i'm afraid but i shouldnt be.
our communication needs some working on. i need to remind myself. love is long
suffering. and so i promise i will try.promise. coz i love you. :]