feels like summer

IMG_0846 copyeven if Malaysia has summer all year long.

I’m feeling happy today! Hence the picture with Mika {given by my dancers for my
21st recently this year} Mika takes up practically a third of my bed. Patrick takes up
another third which leaves me with too tiny a space to sleep. but i usually end up
moving too much in my sleep and poor Mika & Patrick are found on the floor most

BF was particularly cute today. i can't explain. he just was. im trying to get him to
watch 500 days of summer {which i was supposed to go watch today, sorry Bal!}
with me but he says he only has time for one movie and that should be his action-
pew-pew movie. im saying this here because he reads my blog {well at least i think
he does, haha} so maybe he might reconsider. so if you're reading this boo, i wanna
watch 500 days of summer please?

A list of thigns from my head:
x  paint my room {i have been saying this since forever and ever}
x  buy a used film cameras. the colours and lighting of the pictures outshines any
   DSLR. even Lola though i dearly luv her.
x  sew my own tutu skirt. its a wonder how much you can save if you only know
   how to DIY things.
x  relearn a few lyrical routines i found on Youtube. which brings me to the next
    thing to do.
x  ENROL FOR DANCE CLASSES! i have been saying this even longer than the
    whole paint room thing.
x  buy more soba noodles and sauce. i jsut finished off a packet in the evening. 
    super cold soba sprinkled with spring onions are heavenly.