thank you for this love


I think I've poster this on facebook, but I'll post it here coz it's such a waste for the
world not to see Stanley's muker bengong. The weekend consisted of aching knees,
an extreme amount of gleeful laughs especially  in the car {told you BF was being
particularly cute},two missed chances @ prayer meeting  but  one affirmation so yay!,
a flurry of practices – fun nonetheless, a comforting big bowl of fish head noodles
and to cap it all, God’s reassurance that I’ll never be left by Him.  

I can’t tell you how much im appreciating this weekend. Two weekends ago, my post
would have been a total opposite. Its kinda hard to put words into how im feeling right
now so I’ll just say this, I am so grateful God found me. ;) Im off to Gentings tomorrows
with my girls! Nyaahhhh.