Marina's South Pier


I know its two post back to back, but I can’t help it. Im in love with the beauty of
a full size picture on my 14’ by 16’ screen. Why did no one ever bothered to
complain about those teeny size pic I’ve been posting? 

Singapore was loads of laugh. Surprisingly though. But awesome nonetheless.
Realized I had many first on this trip. First time experiencing a burst flat tyre which
was exciting {for me at least}, first time leading a bunch of dancers without help
from my sifu & jiggler {never ever want to do that ever again!}. First time eating
dinner on a boat. Couldn’t help giggling at the names of the dishes. Psalmbal 
Mee Goreng, Bar-ley-lu-jah Sandwich, you get the gist of it.  It doesn’t sound so
funny here,I suppose giggle-worthy moments just doesn’t translate well on
electronic gadgetry.

Goodnight world!