satchel handbags + cropped pants + hair bows. oh im looking forward to my spring. 
yessireee. on a side note, easter plans are finally falling into place. if all goes as planned, 
I will be hopping from Milan-Venice-Amsterdam-London and on to the much awaited 
Hope Fest. as im writing this, I can't possible relate to you this feeling I have of realizing 
how blessed I am in every way. can't stop thanking Him enough! Rachel Lampa's song is 
ringing in my head :

I may never climb a mountain so I can see the world from there
I may never ride the waves and taste the salty ocean air
Or build a bridge, that would last a hundred years
But no matter where the road leads
One thing is always clear

I am blessed, I am blessed
From when I rise up in the morning
Til I lay my head to rest
I feel You near me
You sooth me when I'm weary
Oh Lord, for all the worst and all the best
I am blessed

All along the road less traveled, I have crawled and I have run
I have wandered through the wind and rain until I found the sun
The watching eyes asked me why, I walked this narrow way
I will gladly give the reason
For the hope I have today

You've given me joy
You've given me love
You give me strength when I want to give up
You came from Heaven to rescue my soul
This is the reason I know

kissy faces + wayfarers

blogI’ve been meaning to do this dress-up post for a while now but ive never found the
right mood to post them up. So here’s one of the recent ones from my folder filed
under FW.I need to get a remote control for Lola! I found the loveliest damask
wallpaper in pale violet. Yesh! Saw them at ikea and that nice lady told me where
to get them. ;p Long weekend ahead so bye! ps: Go search She is Love -Parachute
on youtube. been playing nonstop on Bailey.