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just cause we are going for his concert tomorrow night and im here 1am in the morning practising some chinese singing. finally decided to lookup the translation. boi. chinese words are pretty romantic i tell you. so is malay. thats why they invented the word jiwang. hahah :)

WANG LEE HOM [ FOREVER LOVE] I love you not only because of your beauty I love you more and more, your every eye contact touches my heart because you let me see forever and then I understand myself

Please treasure the days that are about to come When you’re loving me, I know it’s painful and unfair I know you really love me, and this is not an easy decision… I can feel your breath next to my ears as magical as breeze passing by You softly comfort me when I’m feeling down So everyday I want to cherish and study your smile. Oh, how natural this is

Forever love

The only thoughts in my mind is that I will spend my lifetime loving you From now on, you’ll be the very reason of my happiness Love is the most beautiful and longest journey There will be rain and mud preventing us from traveling forth But I can feel you in my arms as warm as sunlight You magically melt down my sorrow and it is unbelievable and this is the reason why I love you

coming home


 I'm coming home coming home 
Tell the world I'm coming home 
Let the rain wash away 
All the pain of yesterday 
I know my kingdom awaits 
They've forgiven my mistakes 
I'm coming home coming home 
Tell the world I'm coming home 
What is this feeling of pain or is it shame 
Walking alone down this lonely road 
How do I stop the rain from falling down from the sky 
Straight into my life Or maybe it will wash away 
All the memories Of how I used to be 
Squandering my wealth in wild living 
Never giving Well now I'm ready to go 
Remember all the lions prowling 'round me 
Wasn't a moment where it was easy 
Makin' sure I stayed outta line 
Took everything that was mine 
But what was even mine to begin with 
Now that I've come to my senses I now see the answers 
There's only one way to go

"You're It"

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFW7haf9iS8]You're It- Gabe Bondoc/Ramiele Malubay
we can build a fort out of pillows in our living room
Play tag in the kitchen like we used to do
I can hide, you seek.. come find me
we can take our bikes to the park, you know the one downtown?
we can swing in the swings until the sun goes down
nothing's changed with age

you're still as lovely as the first day
i told my mama you'd be mine one day
i'd be your everything, could not wait
i'm so happy to say i was right
you... are the only, for me
I've known for so long
You... make me feel right, child like
I'm right where i belong with you

teach me how to jump rope, i can teach you how to climb
play ball, then you can help me color in the lines
always knew, we'd make, a great team
i can be the cop, you're the robber since you stole my heart
or red rover i can wrap you up in my arms
or play house.. in our house
pigtails and hand-me-downs
couldn't disguise what you'd be
no, no, no... I saw you then as i see you now
perfect, lovely, worth it to me, all I'd ever need

the weekend

tell me, how does one jump back into the reality of assignments and 11am monday
morning deadlines after a weekend like that? boleh mati kotttttt.

[edit] phews. 2hours of sleep, a packet of maltesers, a short visit to house 50 to watch 
some funnily drunk friends passout and i made it. :D 

just like a song in my heart

Hearing her perform in real life is nothing and I mean NOTHING like what comes out
from the headphones. Those pc speakers don't do her and her band any justice. At all.
Absolutely worth every pound paid for. :D  My favourites were Is This Love, Paris
Nights/New York Mornings and Closer. Find them here. 

[edit] btw,  the first picture was PeteLawrie - opening act just in case you were 
wondering who that guy standing in the center was.