sleeping in & old things

sleeping in & old things

Decided to make full use of the sunlight today. Bought that necklace about a year
ago and wore it once or twice. It fits better as a headband you know. anyways, trinkets
always photograph quite nicely. i found some adorable & touching wedding 
cinematic videos by papercrane productions shooo nice! help yourselfs! ouhs and
jessica, i promise i'll upload genting pichas next. P-R-O-M-I-S-E! real one!


ouhs. i just saw this video circulating on facebook/youtube/twitter.  Jayesslee
{two korean girls} covering one of my fav. songs officially missing you. at first, it
didn't seem all that nice. but the more i listen to them, the more im loving it. hahah
just thought i'd share it with you. click here  ;D AND I like the song at the end of the
video too. lols.

kissy faces + wayfarers

blogI’ve been meaning to do this dress-up post for a while now but ive never found the
right mood to post them up. So here’s one of the recent ones from my folder filed
under FW.I need to get a remote control for Lola! I found the loveliest damask
wallpaper in pale violet. Yesh! Saw them at ikea and that nice lady told me where
to get them. ;p Long weekend ahead so bye! ps: Go search She is Love -Parachute
on youtube. been playing nonstop on Bailey.