lunch munch

lately, with the sun streaming in the kitchen windows, I've been playing around with 
lotsa food photography. Lunch today was just a mixture of everything in the fridge that 
needed to be eaten before the weekend trip to York. hahahha. I think the pictures look 
better than the actual taste of the salad. but still. :D now im off to document the girls
making bread and butter pudding. how not to grow fat you tell me!

two inspirational food bloggers { What Katie Ate & Rachel Chew }


Some delectables from our celebratory trip to London yesterday. walked into Selfridges
only to get lost in the home department. this place had us {me & the datin kims} oohing
and aahhing over every little detail. honestly, we could spend forever there and not be
bored. finally found our way into the foodhall where I found out the real name for 
yves piaget. Two french guys at the pierre herme counter helped us choose the best
flavoured macaroons.

oooh nom nom. plus. OH MY DAYSSSSSS, today's weather is an awesome 22deg! we've
been using this OMD a lot recently. it's something me and kims picked up from our
classmates.  only I sometimes end up saying it all funny coz there's a touch of malaysia
somewhere in between the 'MY' and 'DAYS'. hahha  and in turn, we taught them some

{arabella, infiniment caramel, crème brulee, rose, depayse, passion fruit, metisse }


I figured since all my recent post have been scenic shots and there hasnt been a single
shot of humans around here, this would be a great way to tell you about the some of the 
people I've met here on campus. There's Flor & Maeva, the french girls; one of whom is 
a super masterchef and always invites us over for dinner at her flat. Then there's Stefan 
and Jelmer who are from Netherlands. Standing next to them always make me feel like 
a dwarf.

Today Flor invited us over for some Tartiflette - a French dish made from Rebochlon
cheese (which she said couldn't be found in the UK and had her brother bring some over
from Paris this weekend), bacon, 1cm thick potato slices, shallots and french creme. 
It is absolutely fattening and absolutely worth all the calories in the world. i just might 
try to make it someday. in the mean time,  i'll just let you enjoy the pictures. :)

something sweet

sue ann took us to the famous ms marples at mt. dandenong on our 2nd dayin melb. we had a field day. From the pumpkin soup to the mouth watering pie
to the crispy fish and chips and warm scones to the sweet strawberries and
creamy creamy ice cream with hot fudge oozing down the entire plate.....

om nom nom nom ;D

i had to stop everyone from digging their spoons into each dish just so i could
snap some pictures. we waited for quite a bit though. im a bit suprised at how their
scones turned out though. expected round little hard thingies with soft middles.
this was more of a bread than a scone. oh wells, round or not round, these little
things were scrumptious.