I figured since all my recent post have been scenic shots and there hasnt been a single
shot of humans around here, this would be a great way to tell you about the some of the 
people I've met here on campus. There's Flor & Maeva, the french girls; one of whom is 
a super masterchef and always invites us over for dinner at her flat. Then there's Stefan 
and Jelmer who are from Netherlands. Standing next to them always make me feel like 
a dwarf.

Today Flor invited us over for some Tartiflette - a French dish made from Rebochlon
cheese (which she said couldn't be found in the UK and had her brother bring some over
from Paris this weekend), bacon, 1cm thick potato slices, shallots and french creme. 
It is absolutely fattening and absolutely worth all the calories in the world. i just might 
try to make it someday. in the mean time,  i'll just let you enjoy the pictures. :)