taking a step back

i love how my when i wake up in the morning and mentally run through my list ofevents for the day gleefully thinking to myself how great it is that it's filled with all 
sorts of things to do. and how all these list of things to do involves being around 
people. ever since I've got here its been a whirlwind of activities lined up one after 
the other. i never expected uni life to be this intertwined. back home my life was 
sort of compartmentalized like those Ikea divider things - family, high school friends, 
college, church. on and off there would be an overlapping between the few compart=
ments but never like this. here it sometimes feels as if everything is bundled into a 
UH packaged and I'm just thrown in. I sometimes still feel like I'm on holiday
(because of the living in a different country thing) and yet my holiday involves 
practical at home things like grocery shopping and completing assignments the 
night before my class. and because of the fact that people stay at very close proximity 
to each other, the tendency to hop over to one's house for dinner which might turn 
into an all night  talking fest with some Ben and Jerry's ice cream thrown in is 
very high. and did i mentioned how i love being with people? 

but lately i've come to a realization that i cannot go on forever like this. my priorities 
have been jumbled and shifted and its looking like a jigsaw put together all wonky. 
so, today is the day to make some changes. which means taking some stuff out to make 
space for the new. it's harder when you're undecided but now that i got my head and 
heart sorted, it makes taking things out easier.