seeing double

who says you can't have a picnic in super cold weather. got back from grocery shopping on Sunday and had a random urge to picnic in the field since the sky was so clear and
sun was out. Doreen, Joyce & Kimi layan-ed my request and soon we got ChongWu & Yue Han to join us.  The sun was setting quick so we kept moving ourselves further and
further into the field according to where the light was shining. We sat there bundled up in our thick jackets (don't let the sunlight bluff you) munching on all kind of junkfood
bought from Asda taking our own silly pictures, watching others play football and having people passing by stare at this bunch of Asians picnicking in the cold. 

anyways, thought i'd try something different with the way i present pictures on this space. fell in love with some multiple exposures done by a Leica on flickr, so here's
my photoshopped version.