it's March already?

this week entail[ed]s a flurry of activities which hasn’t stop just yet

1. class trip to Hemel Hempstead - visiting the world's first paper mill factory. 
    Can I has some letterpress stationary?
2. dropped a bomb in Topshop on the way home. my love for demure dresses 
     and leather shorts are kicking in.
3. three birthday celebrations at Bella Italia. all at one go.
4. submitted Design Factory's project. whee woo.
5. Pancake Day! discovered something new - bananas baked with chocolate chunks.
6. Peer assessment with BHC S. Africa students assignment turned into an afternoon 
    of chug (pug+chihuahua, trust me v. cute!)hunting when Tisha mentioned she 
     wanted to get a dog.
7. Second round of submission tonight! perhaps second round of birthday celebrations?
8. Bristol for the weekend!


its 148am outside and its snowwwinnng! :D i was squealing and gleefully jumpingup and down like a little girl outside the abel's house just now. everyone's out of
their houses in pj's and throwing snowballs at each other. ^_^ no preddy pictures
to show you coz i was too busy enjoying my snow. standing in the middle of the
road with snow falling down on your face. HEEEEEEEE.

okays nak tidur. just thought i'd record down how im feeling on this really awesome
night. PURE GLEE.

xxx {edits} xxxx

it's 2 hours later and im back in my room, all warm and fiery from the maggi mee's 
that we ate in doreen's kitchen (straight  out from the pot) after round two of
snow playing. for the record, i was living on 3 hours of sleep since Saturday and
was telling everyone how im was goona go off and schleep when Yue Han calls
and gets us all outside. we went MAD. like the kiddiest of the kids, with snow angels
pelting snowballs, loads of selt timer shots with snowbombs, a mini wedding dress
snowman and a silly video attempt at broadcasting this news on Yue Han's camera. 

and this time we have pictures! it's nights like these that will never be forgotten and
forever imprinted into that happy-memory-bank, waiting to be reminisced and retold.
Thank you God for answering my mini-back-of-my-mind-prayer/wishful-thinking.
It's true, He cares for us, even in the tiniest of things. :D




french is such a nice language. they make everything sounds nice. even hippopotamus
and crocodile. i love how her story goes on and on without having to bother about
connections and making sense. ever heard of magic powers so great that even people in
heaven could die? hahah