What does it mean to be His?

. heart is anxious. How should you answer people when they ask, "how's everything with you?"

Recently these two songs have been ringing in my head. Love came down by Brian Johnson & Wait for You by Nikki Fletcher.

Both starts in a position of being overwhelmed, restless & lost. But ends with the deliberate decision to praise God. It is deliberate because you have to make a choice to praise, even if it is a struggle. Dear God, this is my reasonable service. Despite what I feel, I want to praise You. Despite the emptyness, I choose to worship You. After all, I am Yours. No longer do I belong to myself.

I am Yours forever Yours. For all my days, I'm forever Yours. Praise The Lord. O my soul, praise The Lord!

Dear God I pray my life, be pleasing, holy and acceptable to You.