as it is

{ to good times, under the huge sequoia trees in yosemite park, California. }

needless to say, i've been hit by a wave of homesickness just by reading my brother's blog. which is the whole reason why i started this post anyways. hahha before i digress, let me just say, Ken Jon can really write. :) yes fatty, if you reading this, please don't kembang and all that. if not i wont recognize you when i see you in May/June. for the lack of things to do (can you believe it?) i've been perusing my list of blogs and and somehow found myself reading his past entries the whole night. a few of them really stuck to me. here's one of them :

"I'm convinced that sufficient amount of prayer puts our hearts in the right position for God to use us. How do you know whether you have prayed enough? "Pray until you are convinced you are in God's presence then stay there until God tells you to stop."

and another of his one liners : "Trust and Obey, for there's no other way." well technically its not really his, hahah taken from a sunday school song if i my memory serves me right. and one more, which he wrote in October - when i read this, it felt like someone was ahead in time and experienced what im experiencing now and wrote it down just for this precise moment. cant help but marvel at God's timing. its mind blowing. oh, and thanks KJ. "It's been an amazing week and It all boils down to praying. I haven't felt lead by God in this manner for a very very long time now, It was mind blowing to experience God's plan for me. From interactions that I was planning on having, to those that were unexpected and turned out magnificently. I'm becoming a fan of sharing the gospel unexpectedly in unexpected situations. God has shown me that it's not about convincing others, but more about telling others about your experience with Him, It has to come from inside, it can't be made up. I can't share unless I've encountered God, and continue encountering Him."