quiet lights

After a flurry of social happenings these last two weeks, it seems only right to spend a night like this. huddle under the duvet, Olivia Ong playing in the background and soon to be engrossed in My Sister's Keeper. Not that I'm complaining about the activities, they have been one of the most enjoyable holidays I've had here.

Guessing that its actually the absence of having to travel somewhere. I'm beginning to see the appeal of ordinary simple things like cooking dinner together every night, birthday celebrations in the house, Christmas shopping and wrapping, late night poker games, grocery shopping with friends in the middle of the night, impromptu sleepovers, watching movies and not finishing them because we end up falling asleep. Just good time spent with people that matter to you.

then again, maybe I'm just getting older. hahah. its the new year after all.  Merry 2012 all  :D