freshers week

autumn this year is literally the best one yet. well at least for now. its been a week of warm warm warm sun. how blessed we are. apparently it pretty abnormal to have such awesome weather here. but no complains there. i figured its kind of a good thing that we dont really get this weather all year round coz it would make studying so much harderrr. its the perfect holiday weather.

so many things have changed. situations, friendships, responsibilities, outlook, goals, convictions, choices.  i think in the first week, it felt really miserable realizing there was so many things that weren't going to be the same as they were last year. but throughout the last week, i find myself beginning to embrace this difference.

And yet, with two difference outlooks in just over a week time, i have come back to the same conclusion. one I have learnt to hold so dear to - the realization that He, Jesus is same. Yesterday, today and forever. { Hebrews 13:8 } Not just stopping at the realization, but even more than that - Jesus, be God in my life. Despite whatever situation I am in and will be in. Help me Lord, to submit all my feelings, emotions, desires, wants, loves, plans and will to You.