twenny three

I figured I better post at least soemthing before this month blows by. Believe it or not,
ever since my last post, it has been days of non-stop activities. Every single day. Spain
feels like such a long time ago, and boy have I got stories to tell. Spending the New Years
in London was well, lets just say memorable. and most likely not-do-able again in the
future. Am about to leave this Friday for a weeklong trip to San Fran/LA whereby the
Yeongs shall reunite and somewhere in between, my friends threw me 2 birthday
suprises. and an additional one from the boyfriend back home. heee. frawers. 
I think I started out 2011 with a pretty big bang. okays!  Pictures are the flowers from
Andrew and balloons from my Roberts Way family. 

Its funny how im turning twenty three and yet the gifts and pictures reflect a whole
different age. hahah. i was so excited about the prospect of karoakeing that i jumped/
skipped while walking to the car that Caryn refered to me as "this bouncing thing" hehs.
last year i got a tiara and this year i got  a pink sash to go with my tiara. i wonder what
next year will bring?