usually I like to try (try being an arguable word) and keep rants and emo moody postaway from this space because I'd rather this space be a place filled with happy-fying 
things. But I guess today is just one of those days where my whines cant stay away. 
it's two days from our Spain trip, Kimmy just left for home and im sitting here
wishing I was flying back home too. Woke up today feeling totally alienated by my 
surroundings and just plain lonely.  le sighs. havent felt this bad since the first week 
i got here. something is wrong with me. and whats more, i keep listening to songs 
like I'll be home for Christmas and such. gahhh. got some assignments to finish up 
but for now I would just like to wallow by myself with a boxful of munchies and a 
day of TV series nonstop. ugh. good bye.