remembering tonight

dear boyfriend,
i write this from my little haven of pillows and a warm snuggly comforter,
 the place where i feel closest to home. tonight was a typical session of girl
talk with the girls at house 50. we talked about love and everything pertaining
 to it. boyfriends, relationship problems, the way girls think, marriages, kids,
 how we percieve good looking, things we look for in a guy and everything
under the sun that you could think of.

and after everything, I'm writing this down in case I ever forget and get caught
up with the world around me. People always seem to remember a precise
moment where they knew they had fallen in love. I've never had that moment
before this. Perhaps our love was more of a gradual blossoming where we grew so
comfortably into. But just five minutes ago, walking back to my room under
the cool skies and bright lights, I found a moment. And that moment is precisely
when I knew that you are the real deal.  You who would tell me to enjoy my
experience here while you are a thousand kilometeres away, you who would
give me the space and time to miss you and you who makes long distance
relationships seem so light and bearable.

You are everything I could ever wish to have and no one else comes close. :)