hello autumn.

i like you and your weather when you're not raining or windy. :D please stay this way
for as long as possible. im not that fond of your friend. third week here and im making
progress. less homesick-ickyness. more busyness.and drat, the workload is piling up.
its take quite an effort to restart my brain and channelling the system into study mode
again. i've been running around with classes, supermarket trips, potluck dinners (made
my first quiche! go me and kimmy by the way), french dinners with a whole lot of
skyping in between here and there. i am told to enjoy these early weeks because come
November it's all going to come crashing right into me. oh oh.
made my way to the sports centre for dance class testers today and i have to say,
i really missed dancing. sure i did it every other weekend back in KL, but i missed having
to be the one following and learning new choreography. contemporary routine = luv!
am all tired out from having to walk a good .8 miles due to the fact that the shuttle bus
were filled with drunk happy party people and we couldnt squeeze ourselves in. twice.
walking with europeans is tiring. short asians like me have to take two steps just to keep
up with their one stride. kid you not. will post up pictures of the height difference soons.