i've arrived. what should i write hehs.
the campus is HUGE. i guess it would be as big a melawati. or even bigger. My uni
has approximately 30 000 students. oops it's only 24 000. but yeah. considering
my previous college had on 300+ students this is phoarrwww.

my week has been filled with meets and greets from all over the world (it's inter
national students week), momentary pangs of homesickness especially after a home
cooked meal barn dancing,  tonnss of walking, skyping , a hilarious game of sumo
wrestling and getting comfy in a tiny room. i'll be posting a video soon and i guess
it'll be much more interesting than what im writing about now. sure it might sound
fun but sometimes the alone-ness is  really overwhelming. 

but then i remind myself that it's only the 1st week. and then i get a panic attack
wondering that if this carries on till december? and then i tell myself no it won't be
like that. it's like that. ups and downs and ups agains. and the only thing that keep
me sane and sure is when i remember Him.  being pulled away from your world
pushes you to find Him even more. that's when you really see how dependant you
actually were on other things when it should have been God.