this girl is insane

I was sitting at the pc, sorting out my links and then i clicked on her. Nirrrimi.Stumbled on her last year or the year before on carbonmade. i can't imagine how
i've forgotten this amazing photographer. 
She is eighteen and she has already shot her first campaign ad for Diesel.
Her pictures are insane. INSANE. and shots she did when she was 14/15/16/17 years
old makes everyone else's look like crap. well. not crap but  when i was 14 i was still
taking stupid potraits of myself in the room with the same 45 degree angle
WHICH I STILL DO NOW. fail fail fail fail. :(

and to think she shoots with only a 400D. it's people like this who deserve an upgrade
to a 5d mark II with a 35mm 1.4L and a 50mm 1.2L and a 85mm 1.2L II and not some
guy who just suddenly decides to 'pick up' photography and doesn't know a thing about
bokeh or composition or vignette and goes from a 500D to a 50D in no less than three
months. yes. i know of people like that. bah. sorry la. just venting out my irritation
with these people. but i guess it's their money so who am i to judge. 

so check her out here and here :)