the next day

Check out their disgruntled faces at the top of Sky Park, Marina Bay Sands.
Warning: it's not worth the 20 dollars to go up there, half the area is closed for
hotel guest only and the view isn't all that spectacular - because there's tonnnees
of construction still going on. nothing like construction to spoil extremely nice things

Xiao'an took us to Relish - quaint, quiet and cute. and i love any place with brick walls.
ah. brick walls. Nicholas tried the bleu cheese and poached pears burger and he
absolutely loved it. I thought the portioning was slightly small tho. Everyone on this trip
seemed to think that i ate a lot. If you think i eat alot, well, you haven't met my sister.
or my church friends. they are monstrous.  MONSTROUS.

And finally! a trip to Chris Lee's Chocolate Research Facility. A few months ago, i
attended the Design Forum in KL where Chris Lee's gave a presentation. He is one
funny guy. and a great designer as well. So what a trip to Singapore without trying
some of his 100 flavours of chocolate? i bought Tom Yam, Parmesan Cheese, Apple Pie,
Maple Syrup & Longan with Pumpkin Seeds. the tom yam was.... BAD. SERIOUSLY.