two weeks ago

The trip to Singapore this time was, well luxurious. Hahah. First,  took a flight(with extremely scary turbulence) down with En & her friend Nicholas. Second, we
stayed at En’s boyfriend’s place which was a trip on it’s own. I half think that it’s
because of places like Xiao’an’s house that the rest of Singaporeans has to stay
in flats.  We stayed in the guest house which included Jacuzzi baths, late night
TV shows and a bomb shelter.

we walked around the bay area and into Fullerton. I love how they've turned the
architecture of the buildings into the an interior space. All these windows that you
see are actually on the inside of the building, overlooking the hotel lobby. We spent
a fair bit of time sitting down and looking up. Ouh. Nicholas checked out the toilets
the minute we walked in. hahah.
Xiao'an house incorporates a lot of Balinese influence hence the water features,
timber flooring, plants all over and what nots. One of the coolest features was the
bathrooms. yes. i have a thing about bathrooms. the pond runs in and about the house
and actually into one of the bathrooms. so when you're showering, you actually have
fishes swimming right next to you. literally
checkout their huge cat fish. biggest i've ever seen. the head itself is prollie the size
large frying pan. freaakkky. ouhs and. looks. FRIED MARS BARS! awesome sticky stuff.

en contemplating a grey denim vest from MNG or studded gloves which in the end
she convinced herself not to buy. YAY EN! hahahha :) Dinner was at a secluded
Japanese place called Chako. A Japanese lady and her daughter are the only people
doing the cooking it so you can imagine the wait. 2 HOURS. and my portion ended up
in the toilet bowl at the end of the night. :( which brings me to telling you about Klee.
Klee is a bar - no menu, all fresh fruits and 27 types of liquor.So you tell the bartender
what fruits you like and what type of liquor and she'll make a drink for you. and of
course i didn't know how  i was extremely low tolerant with alco and got a glass
of champagne, and tadah, all that Chako food down the toilet bowl. mehs.

on another note altogether, the countdown has started. three more weeks till i leave
for London. i don't quite know what to feel actually. it's pretty scary. and that's all
i'll say to till i actually figure out what i'm feeling about this whole thing.