you laike?

changed a new layout yet again, hence the title. i've been getting some new 
visitors on this space recently and i'd like to say a big thank you for your
compliments and comments. i feel so happy when i open up my email and i see
a message from Wordpress informing me of a new comment. hahhah. yes i like
that i know that people other than myself actually do come to this site.
;D danks you.

since polaroid films are decreasing by the minute, ive resorted to digital
 polaroids. {clockwise from top left : bunny in the car, moi, coloured poms
from the office  which we use to pick colours for custom made carpets. otherwise 
known as 'make-up box' & funny looking su ann. wonder what her reaction will 
be in 10 yrs time when she sees this picture. hmmms.