apartment love

the other day we, Xing, Kimi, Woozy & I finally started our first round of house huntingfor the coming year. apparently if you want to get good houses, you have to start wayy 
wayy wayy ahead of time. I find the whole prospect of house hunting, making pro cons 
list, visiting and inspecting on how people live their lives very exciting and entertaining. 
on a side note,  houses with mouldy wet stains on bathroom walls should be avoided 
at all cost. we didn’t manage to get any closer to finding a proper house to everyone's 
liking and budget but now that the first round is done and over with, I've got a pretty 
good idea of what to look for and and what to expect. 2nd round next week! Here are 
some images that popped into my head when thinking of a new house. :D

Kimmy and I can't wait to go IKEA shopping. hahaha 
{bright big windows for awesome sunlight; open shoe shelf + open wardrobe; 
moodboard walls; pretty timber laminate floors }