Brunch with my girlies. It been long years over with these girls - since high school days. I appreciate how relationships like these last over so many chapters, season and changes in our lives. Over time, I've realized it wasn't so much of how often we got together, celebrating over birthdays, in between pockets of our time, the little joys and perils of life (on whatsapp) and finding space for each other is what I'm all for. On a whim of the long weekend, we decided to try out Jibby East - (after an endless conversation of where in the world is it? and having someone nearly heading toward the opposite direction) Drove past it many times along the MRR2 wondering whatever was up on that hill. Turns out they brought in this restaurant alongside the show gallery. And yes we had a little laugh over the name.

Us fawning over the ceramic, insisting on having a table by the window - but of course. Not being able to decide what to eat. The usual. but this time with an addition of Baby Kayleigh adding to the pandemonium. Foodwise, the only memorable item was the mushroom soup. 

PS : those buttery leather seats and blue upholstered ones on the opposite side - love.