Sudden relief

Got stuck in the tube, on a Monday morning of what seems like a never ending week from the previous weeks of 9-12ams in london. It really goes against every instinct you have to stand still and not do anything. In those moments, His words came - through the list of memory verses we have been reminding ourselves with.

John 16:23 These things I have spoken to you, that in me You may have peace. in this world, you will face tribulations,but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.

Never experience such a strong sense of peace before. it's was a reassurance from Daddy God. The Word of God definitely is alive and living. Just 4 days before God kept re-emphasizing the same theme through:

1) Mikaylie singing in the living room just before bible study: "thank you Lord, I just wanna thank you Lord." Definitely felt His presence so tangible all the way up from my room.

2) bible study : Phil 4 Rejoicing in God always! Despite what the circumstance may be. Submitting to God in prayer. That peace that transcends all understanding.

3) the amazing time we had during Friday fellowship. It was extra special, having everyone in the room shout out something to be thankful for, sharing and encouraging one another in prayer and seeing people spend intimate moments with God in their own way.

4) Songs on Sunday : Waiting on Him, You are the peace that guards my heart.

5) consciously choosing not to worry! Matthew 26. And God providing the solution when I released the control I've to Him. O God! You are great! In times like this, heart is bursting to sing out to You!