updates: production weeks

we've got a new studio! just down the road from our old space. loving the brick walls although it doesnt help much with the cold.thank God for warm weather this week.  countdown to Roca Flow Fields : 17 days!

in order of pixels: loading bay // allard is phil // makeshift tutorial session in le pain Quotidien just coz the new space doesnt have wifi//travis perkins delivered our stuff//meeting Grace for updates on Roca//Allard's way of coming up with text for press release. hahah // Owen in a compromising position.//Helen checking out Roca and its little nooks//reward for his hardwork - saw those stools?//jigs,structures and whatnots//textures

New Space!.jpg phil.jpg 20130418-052359-AM.jpg 20130418-052410-AM.jpg

material arrived!.jpg

20130418-052211-AM.jpg allard .jpg 20130418-052301-AM.jpg 20130418-052222-AM.jpg 20130418-052243-AM.jpg 20130418-052235-AM.jpg all that timber.jpg