prophecy by Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher: My Goodness is About to Unroll Over Your Nation by Eileen Fisher, Apr 13, 2013

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on March 12, 2013 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

The Lord said, "I've heard you. I have witnessed your hearts tonight. I have witnessed the tears: those inward and those outward. I tell you this night – by Myself, for there is no greater – I capture your tears. I capture your heart. I capture your dreams. Now I say, 'Capture Mine.'

"When you capture My dream, and when you capture My heart, and when you capture My vision, then you become all I have called you to be – Me walking upon the earth – not alone, not isolated, not forgotten, not abandoned. You will have no need to be understood, but instead you choose to understand. You have no need for recognition, and yet you will choose and want Me recognized.

Capturing God heart: him allowing us to feel and see what He sees. Eternal perspective. After God's own heart. Personalizing the vision knowing our calling in earth.

No needing to be understood or recognized : not about me. Insecurity is not there- outwardly looking at God and others. Not at me.

"Become My hands, become My feet, become My voice wherever you are. Listen for the stillness of My Spirit. Recognize the unction of My Spirit, for you are being lifted up and trained in a high level.

Training: unleashing our God given potential. Walking in the Spirit - is to walk in accordance to what He would do.

"Know I purified My people. I am purifying motives. I am pulling down self-ambition and self-appointed. I am calling My own to come and lay before Me in stillness, yet in alertness, recognizing My hand upon their heart, recognizing the prompting of My Spirit. I am looking for a people who will move for Me upon the earth. They will not be asking Me to move, but I will be looking and commanding them to move.

Purification. Biggest message ever. Laying down self ambition & pride. next part strikes me more: having to wait on God's timing but not in a relaxed state of mind. Still constantly alert to actively do His will. Yes He will cause growth but we still have to water and plant and harvest.

"Be not called into isolation, for the enemy would lead you there. For he would make you feel forsaken and abandoned. I do not forsake you, I do not abandon you; but I cherish you, and I treasure you.

Enemy's biggest lie: God doesn't care.

"I sent Mine out two-by-two, for at times one would be up and one would be down. But when I was with them, they were three in agreement. Know that I am looking for a people who will come to be in agreement with the Father, with the Spirit, and with Me.

Importance of being able to share & encoursge & cover one another in prayer and faith! Trinity - speaks of relationship. Not individuality.

"The Spirit is going to move in a miraculous way, and I am looking for those I can trust to move in signs, and wonders, and miracles, who will not look for the glory. In fact, they will have the 'Fear of the Lord' so in front of them that they will tremble in awe at My goodness. For My goodness is about to capture you. My goodness is about to unroll over your nation. And you will know it is the goodness of God that has been holding back the darkness.

"I say, be not afraid, but watch, wait, recognize the cloud of My goodness, and know when the cloud of my goodness is rolling, you too will be rolled up, protected, and sheltered in the cloud of the goodness of your God," says the Lord your God.

oh wow.

everything that God has been saying to me, personally, to us as a church, throughout the 40day fast till Hopefest and after Hopefest is encompassed in this. The word of God is living and true.