why hello Prague

everyone whom i've ever asked or talked to about Prague has told me about how infinitely beautiful it is. Nancy, my tutor in uni, who refers to it as Disneyland, to Shereen whose endless notes and trip tips made me so excites about coming here, Lonely Planet and a million of blogs out there, to the taxi driver from the airport, the Singaporean boys - namely Jun Yi who swears by it's beauty. Tonight, I'm finally beginning to get a glimpse of the magical Praha (as the locals call it).

Our flight here was hmmmm how should i put it, entertaining? flying with a group of 20 odd jolly and drunk? British men celebrating a stag do all the way from London to Prague. interesting. They made the groom to be wear hot pink spandex shorts and a crop turqoise sequinned top all the way. Poor guy. I believe his name was Alex,

We're currently staying at Mosaic House, a youth hostel which won awards for being a green / environmental friendly. But your mind wouldnt dwell too much on green-neess and conserving energy once you're greeted with the gynourmous comfy pillows + duvets and awesome pressure power rainshowers. :D took a walk around town after dinner, meandering and traipsing on cobbled streets hoping we wouldnt loose our way from the hostel only to end up at the famous Wenceslas Square where the National Museum stands at the end. Prague at night reminds me of a mix between Barcelona and San Fran, Barcelona because of the old buildings, large bricks and graffiiti. San Fran for the lights, nonstop trams and slightly hilly roads. Can't wait for the next 3 days. :D