They told me to get lorripops

Currently sitting at a cafe in Schipol airport enjoying an omelette and bacon panini 
with an interesting concuction of pineapple mint lemonade. noms! My body and 
brain is finally recovering from the non sleep yesterday. Waiting 4 hours at the airport 
for your flight at 4am in the morning is no fun. Boo. ;( Im thinking since I'm off fcebook 
I shall post insta grammy pics here when ever I can just for an update. Amsterdam 
(so far) reminds me of Switzerland and a mixture of Sweden. When they start talking I 
can only picture Jelmer and Stefan conversing in Dutch during our dinners at Flor's last 
time. Just read Bonjour Celine's blog and I luv what she said about airports. It's where
people come back from adventures with stories to tell and where people leave to have 
adventures of their own. {edits} okay, wordpress app on iPhone is being a pain so I 
think I'll Post the pictures on tumblr instead.