Spain : Christmas in Madrid

For the first time in my life, I celebrated Christmas away from home and in a totally
different way. It was about the 8th day of our trip, and I could tell, everyone was getting
worn out from the travelling [Barcelona -Valencia-Madrid]. It all came together so well
that the only day every other tourist attractions were not open, and the weather was so
good and the fact that we just needed a day to do nothing fell on Christmas day.

Took the tube to Parque del Buen Retiro. Parks overseas are really magical. there's just
something about the landscape combined with the cool air and bright sun that makes
you wanna laze around forever. Our first encounter was the frozen fountain.

Icy fingers and all that. meandered around the gardens till we came to the most spec-
tacular place. A semicircular colonnade encricling the monument to Alfonso XII steps
which we sat on for hours. You could hear in a distance, opposite the lake, a jazz band
performing. Perfect atmosphere for some voyeurismn that went on. Boys took out their
Moleskins and started sketching. I ducked in and out of the crowd, face glued to the

Zhi Ni snapping shots of the boys and Joyce. This is where I met the cute brothers.
Big eyes and all that. Afternoon light is so good. ;) After a while, we just stop whatever
we were doing and stared out into the blueness of the lake.

After our long hours of people watching, we walked across the lake and onto the other
side where the band was playing. Took a trail downwards (this park is seriously hugee)
only to find another section where the Crystal Palace was. And here, i met the cutest
baby girl. You may have seen her on the previous post. Muker bengong and everything.
Went frolicking around the grass while the Singaporean boys played director and
photographers. Ended the day with chocolate & caramel con churrios. worth all the
calories and sugar. That was Christmas for me. :)