a little family time

think God planned a 'perfect' weather for a day in the park according to our guide, Albert
who entertained us the entire day with stories of his childhood, funny jokes about his 
kid and wife, Yosemite facts; things you wouldnt know about ever famous Silicon 
Valley, plus founders of Google & Yahoo and such. Snowfall the day before left us with 
an ankle height carpet of freshly fallen snow and constant sunshine the entire day. yays.

Yosemite Park is a good 4 hours drive from San Fran if you include in snacking stops 
in Oakdale that reminded me of Vancouver and the morning jam outside the city which
brought you through a transition of sunshine and fog. we hiked up and down the trails 
ooohing and aaahiing at every little corner. Every once in a while, if you looked up
wards a shower of snow will catch you by suprise falling right onto your face and or 
even right into your eye. but its super pretty watching that snowfall through the sun
light - you know how you always wished you could shrink yourself and teleport 
yourself into one of the tiny snowglobes? well, it felt exactly like that. standing in the 
middle of a huge snowglobe. Magical. :)