California : San Francisco

a glimpse at San Fran tells you a few things. it’s a city built on a hill to which my dad
said, whoever wants to build houses on non-flat ground should really take a study here.
we worked our butts off climbing those hills and I suddenly have a respect for SF
drivers for being able to park their cars. the people here are extremely chatty I've found
out. conversations here and there in elevators, while lining at a foodstall, while re-
applying makeup in the washroom. they like their small talks. Come night time,
twinkling lights dominate the entire place.

what they don’t tell you about SF is the absolutely fickle weather. and the fog. here I
was all ready for some sunshine and sundresses and when we got there, it rained, fogged
up, shined a little and then rained again. nevertheless, the animated backdrops of red fire
escapes, mosaic murals on walls, interesting characters along the streets and generally
the infinite amount of signages everywhere made up for it.