doing a suejan

Think the best part about shopping is coming home and re-trying everything all over 
again. Just realized after snapping a picture of my stash that my newly bought stuff 
matched. I must have a sub-conscious colour pallette in my head while shopping 
coz everything seems to be in shades of rose, champagne, beige or grey. interesting…

today's shopping achievement : not one single piece of clothing was black in colour.
today's shopping failure : buying sheer & summer-like clothing when in actual fact the 
reason for the shopping trip was to get more warm clothes for winter. -_-  fail terus.

i guees my retail therapy activities are pretty extensive because a friend of mine recently 
made it into a verb. this is what he said : "when I get to Spain im gonna go to Zara and 
pull a suejan." I burst out laughing right when I heard that… lawls. i shall not deny any
thing lest my friends accuse me of lying. ;p all i can say is that all the things i've 
experienced, things i own, oppurtunities opened to me - they are all from my Him.  and 
like the way Dave has put it, i am merely blessed and living in that favour. 
and extremely thankful for it too. :D