blessed with great company

the other week, Kar Mun mentioned something about a Jap & Thai buffet, to which I starting jumping up and down like a small kid as they planned to make a trip there.The place was in Edgeware; on the outskirts of London and a 3.50pound bus ride from Hatfield. Did not manage to take a single picture of the restaurant or food - 
mainly because 1. it was wayyy to dark and 2. we were too busy looking at the menu and ordering every single thing. Anyhow, I shall refrain from talking about the food 
lest i get some bad craving for it later and ruin all my dieting efforts.

we missed the bus back to London and had to wait out in the cold for an hour for the other bus. You might think - waiting and the cold couldn't be a good combination 
at all but really, the company that made up for it all. While I was editing the pictures, I couldn't help thanking God for the amazing people He sent around me. Nothing 
like a night out with good food and great group of friends  with endless amounts of conversations to complete the week. And these are my amazing company in no order
of importance :

{2} Doreen Kartika {3} Yue Han {4} Kar Yin & Zhan Wei {5}Woozy {7} Kar Mun
{8}Kay Lee {9} Yxin & Shermaine {10} Chongwu {11}Kimmy {12} Joyce {13} See