We ran away to Cameron Highlands for a bit. it was a much needed getaway. for me
anyways.  I re-met Him there in a new way. it was wonderful. This convention was
 way different from the rest  before. Entire afternoons free for jalan jalans in MARDI,
football matches, lotsa cheering and naps. man it's been a long time since i had a
nap in the afternooon. which left much energy and non-sleepyness for our night
sessions. ;D the last session of marathon songs and dance was a killer. 

ouhs. and the weather - breezy nights. shivering mornings. cool afternoons. drizzles
on and off. oh yay.

steamboats on cold nights\\watching kungfu panda with Bobo's voicing over the
script\\Ashley constant cutesy antics\\poco-poco line dancing\\that famous
strawbree strudel shop\\strawbree naans too!

Yin Yin is Ashley's mummy. Very cool mum. :) Does Ashley look like her?