I started work approximately 6 weeks ago and I’m really beginning to enjoy my
days there. The best thing about my job is receiving  packages address to me 
every other day. I LOVE! receiving mail packages even though they may only be 
pieces of fabrics or stones.  // My weekly routine of Monday & Tuesday nights at 
Deeper Life Seminar has come to an end – WE GRADUATED LAST WEEK – WOOO 
YAY. // I woke up feeling particularly angry at 3 people today. Mmmms….God is 
trying to tell me something. // As of today, I have officially been accepted into 
the University of Arts, London & the University of Creative Arts // I ‘m not sure 
what I’m going to do yet. The looming idea of 2-3 years in London scares me// 
Last week was one of the longest weeks ever. But God was there, walking me 
through it. // I finally have free time! MOOOOOOO. Okay. The last one was not 
an update. It’s just a sign that I finally have the time to write in here.