some 360ish days ago

I've just about forgotten about them till I went through all the pictures due to 
Bailey's reformatting.Took them at Murren, Switzerland. I'm pretty torn over which 
I should post up here. the black and white versions or the coloured ones because I 
absolutely love both. The Switz Alps possesses this sense of calm and serenity es-
pecially when it get darker - something which I find can't even translate through a
million and one pixels. Ahhh, perhaps it's something one would have to experience 
for themselves.

Anyhoos, I forgot how much i enjoyed this trip. My first snowboarding experience ;D  
which resulted in bruised bottoms due to too much falling down the slope. I'd take 
skiing any other day thank you. I'd like to go on about how much noise we made 
(Chinese people equals noisy people) tobogganing down the hills while the ang 
mohs stared at us but nahh. much too tired for that now.

good night world!