Children's Christmas Party

So back logged that im still posting about Christmas. The Children Churchorganized their yearly Christmas Partay & I volunteered tophotograph. We (as in 
the church) recently invested in a light system so i figured what better time to 
experiment with new lighting. Didn’t know what happened to my external flash 
– it’s been giving me too many headache and heartaches :( so I was stranded with 
severe dim lighting and a 50mm 1.8. Anyhoos, I’m pretty happy with some of the 
shots I got tho i have to say, the guys still need to work on their colour theory, 
especially on human faces. 

one of the games was to clip as many peanuts to a thier group members. what a torture. 
Below: He who almost had a heart attackHe who almost had a heart attack. one of my 
fav boys in church. Adrian Joseph Poh. his brother, was another cutie. just couldnt keep 
in time with the music. when everyone was facing left, he was facing right. when every
one turned, he'd realized it a second later and turn one second late.