dear God

wmIMG_2837Dear God, if it’s possible, could I have kids just like these two? Please oh please!
Well if not two, then just one.the one on the left in that fuschia dress. Ouh please!
{picture courtesy of JT}

Sue Jan


on a side note, i just remembered the dream i had yesterday which made me wake
up all grumpy and moody. see, we, mum, dad, bro & me were rushing to get to
church because we had apparently went hiking? or was it a marathon? earlier in
the morning hence the need to rush for service. i knew this because i just knew it
was a Sunday morning. halfway into all that chaotic washing up & getting ready,
my mum informs me that i have to to piano class and ive been missing classes for
months already. {bongkers i know} im arguing over piano classes then next thing i
know I'm at my dining room wearing shoes.and Ken Jon goes all " Hey! Why you
wear my shoes!" and there were frigging 21 pairs of nike/adidas lined up by the
wall. 12. coz i counted them. one was a weird puke green colour too. eww Ken Jon.
you have no taste.and so he yelled. i yelled. i got all angry. i took up a chair and
threw it at him. nearly hit him but he dodged. i pulled his hair, screaming "I DID
NOT TAKE YOUR SHOES LA!" and then i yelled " Go die!" and i felt all this rage and
anger in me. goodness. 

o.O imma violent person. 

i wonder where all this anger is coming from. and then right when my dad's
trying to break up the fight, i wake up. sheesh. and i woke up still feeling angry.
ouhs. and by the way, i just remembered, bobo was standing at the doorway the
whole time. haha. FYI, my brother and i don't fight like that in real life. we do yell
but ive never thrown a chair at himbefore. Ken Jon you better not cari pasal with
me k. who knows what might happen.