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caution : random verbal diarhea diarrhea (whatever, i can't spell) ahead.i spent 
the whole of last week stealing internet connection from an unknown neighbour's 
network. and now FINALLY ours came back. spent  today self dying my 2 week old 
cropped hair with jess. which turned out to be quite a failure since you can hardly 
see any difference in colour. what a waste of 20. im consoled that at least mine 
has the tenniest hint of auburn since jess's black blue came out all black instead. 
\ohs wells. next time -strawberry blond can? .

after our hair dye thingamajik, bought some mcdees, cards and joined yang 
cina at his condo's poolside which i tell you is quite a nice place albeit cold 
cold cold. {jeshua had his laugh back at me for poking fun of his sweater 15 
minutes prior to our arriving} perfect for a smoky night of barbeque chicken 
wings & cold drinks. yang cina and mabuk tried to teach us poker - but we only 
got to the intro and they decided it was such a chore to teach two girls how to 
play poker so we switched to chor tai ti. then after a while we went way back 
circa 199-something playing donkey & old maid. apparently mabuks people
are not very good at memory games.

ho mai. this is getting old. my calfs are pretty sore from what i guess must 
have been stomping around in my nuu 4 inch heels on saturday. my shopping 
fast is borken. should have know it couldn't last that long. im beginning to feel 
the weight of boredom falling upon me for the past week. constant bumming
isn't all that good for me innit. my to do list isn't completely striked out yet. 
i haven't signed up for dance classes. i havent painted room. i haven't repair 
lens. i haven't sent nippon competiton thingie.  i haven't design own website. 
haven't  found my lost shoes.

ha ven't/

i feel like i can be doing so much more and im wasting my time away bumming. 
meh. my post has officiallty transited from a gleeful tone into a grumpy one. 
enuff, ok enuuf. someone shut me up?