gimme a bigger garden


I miss the way garden used to be. 3 times the size it is now. With that unfruitful 
mango tree standing in the middle. We used to climb up, hide slippers and the 
garden key, crawl around. Now the most I can do is sit and avoid knocking the 
washing machine and stepping on the pumpkin leaves. Which are huge. And they 
grow too quickly too.

Anyhoos, pictures taken about a week ago. the same day i attempted the 5 minute choc cake 
which didnt turn out so good. i'll be attempting a second try soon. ;) btw, rabbit hasno ears. 
apparently someone bit them off. i found them in my sister's room and he lookedlike an
interesting subject to shoot.

on a side note, today was just typically "monday" if you know what i mean. totally and brutally 
unproductive. i woke up at 12. ate an apple strudel. read romans and tried to get my mind 
round the first few chapters and went back to sleep. till 8 at night. ate dinner and watched tv.
{monday night laughs are really time consuming i tell you}. and here i amwriting utter 
nonsense that isnt worth reading. i tell myself that today didnt have to be thisway if only i
would be alarmed by my new clock that reads "run out of time". but im not.and thats the
downside about bumming. i have zero sense of urgency to do anything.
mehs.maybe tomorrow will be better.