bo6 b02Awesomest lunch. It started snowing a little. That’s where everyone stuck their tongue 
out. Walked round town. The smallest façade building in the world. 17inches me thinks. 
James Bond moofie shooting scene. Freezing fingers. Cheese tasting. Play ground playing. 
mini flying fox thinga-majicky. Benjamin got scared. The pizza guy. Free lollipops. That 
huge beethovan. Shopping at the very last minute. Red CNY fruit things. Cream cheese 
soups.pretty doorknobs. sprays on the walls. paper children.  Running in the park. 
Bubble bath balls in pink. Coming back to a house covered in snow. :D

back in the real world, im piled up with  copious amounts of things to do with the very most important
unabled to scratch out  till June 02. thats my light at the end of the tunnel. cannot waits. Ken Jon is
coming back in two weeks - so i need to start ordering some shoes! hahaha check out, {}.
lovely lovely shoes, tho i have to say, I'm starting to get sick of all those gladiator-esque/studded shoes.
too much already. give me sweet oxfords or architectural heels please! my beloveds are still unworn yet..
well one of them. the entire week has been dealt with littles sleep and im glad it's the week end. yesh i
spend approximately my whole weekends in church and i enjoy it! :D so don't go all funny on me now
coz i tell you, God is never boring.