salzburg, austria


Leopoldskron Palace 
where they had pink lemonade & fell into the water, Salzburg in winter, 
outside Mirabell Gardens
zasjshwwaf! the tour lady played the entire soundtrack of the Sound of Music while we went 
Salzburg was the most beautiful city in the entire trip. even in winter its supersupergorgeous.
round stopping at the places where the movie was filmed and also the house where the real 
actual Von Trapp family stayed. i have to watch the movie again!
ps: Maria in real life was actually younger than Liesel (the oldest daughter) and about 20 
years younger than Capt. Von Trapp. and yes people. the sound of music is based on a real 
true life story. =) 


 I was a little dissapointed since they did not allow us to go into the gazebo where Liesel 
and Rolph danced to "16 going on 17".  apparently too many people tried to recreate the 
scene and fell too many times jumping from one bench to another.


We had fun tredging in ankle deep snow. The kids, Jennifer, Benji & Desiree weren’t at 
all interested in the buildings and places. All they had on their minds were “SNOW! 
SNOW! SNOW!” Especially Benjamin. He got a facefull  from Daddy. 



I missed you everyday.